life after people

Last night, a twitterfriend said “Life After People” was on History Channel, the new season.

I thought the original miniseries – or long program – pretty much said what there was to say.  What would happen if everyone Raptured, and set the CGI rolling.

The Seattle Space Needle finally collapses 600 years A.F. (“After Frasier”) – The Empire State building becomes a vertical ecosphere – Earth abides.

But there are all sorts of huge buildings of all periods that engineers and ecologists can talk about while looking 30% off camera.  I turned it on, and watched a comparison of the longevity of the Roman Coliseum vs. Los Angeles’s Olympic Stadium (winner: the Coliseum – even giving Olympic Stadium a 2,000 year reverse head-start – because unlike modern large buildings the Coliseum in not embedded with steel support rod that are susceptible to buckling and rust).

Anyway, the whole life after people concept totally freaks me out.  This will happen.  In that someday no one will be around.  To see or hear anything, in this universe.  Whether burning curdling into a superhot singularity, or expanding until gravity becomes meaningless and matter dissipates, there will be points in the cycle of things when there will be no one – no human, no animal or plant, no alien no matter how strange, to see it.  To think, no matter how dumb, “oh, okay, this is…uh, this is.”

Will the essence of life survive, renew?  According to the Buddhism I used to practice – Yes.  Dormant, for a while.  But damn, even when I look at bare trees in winter I think of death.  And when I think of Life After People, even being as much a loner as I am, I just imagine myself wandering through that world, alone.


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