the bake sale lady

Caught Sarah Palin, Fox commentator, in her initial appearance on the network, an interview by Bill O’Reilly.

A few years ago there was a little uproar in India when a movie actor famous for his portrayals of the god Vishnu, campaigned for political office dressed as Vishnu.  Sarah Palin obfuscates the appeal of the mother who will take your kids along with hers sledding with a politician.  And now she obfuscates opinion show chatterer with a campaigner for American President.

She spoke like a politician.  Not letting herself be pinned down to any specific opinion, glossing over things, “I know some people might think differently, but…”, careful to avoid words that could be quoted in a campaign ad against her.

People are saying that in working as a contributor to Fox News, Palin has turned her back on politics in favor of income and influence.  But it is obvious from her first appearance as Fox commentator she  is still looking to the White House in 2012.  But she is like the disgraced Regas family, who even when their Adelphia Communications had become a billion dollar public company, still thought of it like their own storefront operation: borrowing money from the till, dipping their hands in the cash flow when they wanted to build an outdoor hottub.   The Regases – especially pere John Regas – could not see that by the 2000s they weren’t just caught up in a change in scale from their hands-on personal business in Coudersport, PA, of 50 years before, but a whole new set of rules and both legal requirements and cultural expectations.

Politics, along with its concurrent social services sector, is all personality-driven.  From the school bake sale to the town hall meeting to the White House.   But, the higher you go, the more it is important to realize that to whom much is given, much is expected.

Palin, I think, sees the difference in scale between heading  up a bake sale and heading up a nation, but does not see or understand that the algorithm of responsibility expands along the continuum toward the American Presidency.

So this is a woman who does not see the qualitative distinction between chumming and running for office.  Unfortunately, there are 10s of millions of Americans  who don’t see a difference either.


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