it’s 2010 – and where’s my jetpack?

As I pulled up the Buffalo News website this morning, I was struck by the date in the heading.  Of course, “January 17 2010”.

2010 sounds more exciting to me than 2000 did.

Maybe because 2000 was such a huge event – worldwide, and everyone felt involved, we all shared it.  And felt a bit worried or a lot worried about the Y2K thing – which must be absolutely hilarious to the younger generation who were just kids as the chronometer rotors turned and flipped out four brand new numbers since…well, since we’ve had chronometers that flipped digits, which is the early 1970’s.  And even they were replaced within a decade by red LEDs.  The Year 2000 impinged on everyone’s lives and conciousness, daily, in the couple years leading up to it.  But the whizz! zap! sci-fi excitement of 2010 seems mine alone, which is probably what makes it more exciting for me.

We are in the decade of Bladerunner, for chrissake!  And in re Bladerunner – well, it doesn’t look like within the decade Los Angeles will have 60 million people crammed into faux-art deco, faux-Frank Lloyd Wright 200-floor apartment blocks under a constant acid rain-laden cloudcover – but still an amazing movie.  And I happened to have seen it the week before I travelled to L.A. for a weekend, and the moment I stepped out of the doors at the LAX terminal into a long bustling bus and taxi stand, I felt something that Ridley Scott had managed to capture about the atmosphere there even with the polarity that he had imagined.

And now Bladerunner – and my trip to L.A. that weekend – is more distant from today, than World War II was from my birth.

2010 feels like the “real” future.  A full decade of time’s soil under our feet.  Even in 2000 – when I didn’t even own a computer – did anyone imagine within 10 years the laptop-work pc-cellphone seamless cross-platform ingenuity of Twitter, or adult chatrooms, or the 3-ribbon word stream of the 24-hour news channel chiron, or businesses hanging 56″ flatscreen TVs on their lobby walls continually streaming internal information?

And I think I’ve lost where I was going to go on this…

Anyway, 17 days in, I am still a bit amazed whenever I see or write 2010.

But by 2020, I will want my fucking jetpack, already!


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