“Soylent Green, Inc., is people!”

Of course, you know by now of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision re Citizens United v FEC – a case regarding the nature and limitations of political campaign financing – that came down with the expansive promulgation that for-profit corporations are entitled to broad protections under the First Amendment.  The five Judges who are the ideologically traditional and conservative bloc were the majority.

So, now we know – no matter what (or in fact welcoming) the real world consequences – Christian Conservatives believe corporations are people.

But Christian Conservatives angrily protest that people are uniquely sacred.

Uniquely sacred and sentient among all animals, in the face of nature showing us, down to our molecules of DNA, how close we really are to those animals.  Christians fiercely argue that we are not just a quantum leap away from our primate cousins.  We stand separated from them across an untenable divide.  We alone are suffused with the echo of divinity by the Breath of God.

Apparently, the Breath of God is something Christian Conservatives actually hold for themselves and dole out on their own.


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