tea party crashers

Claiming the Tea Party Movement has nothing to do with the president’s race is like claiming it’s just a coincidence your dick gets hard when a guy smiles at you.

If the Tea Partiers really are just angry at fiscal irresponsibility – or taxes (they are two different things – look at Sweden with a 50% tax, and the Swedes who pay it) where were they in the last eight years of Bush tax cuts coupled with ballooning military spending?  Bush’s administration just didn’t include a lot of that spending in their budget figures – and admitted it.

I’ve recently hear a couple of radio callers saying they were “old school” Tea Partiers claiming they were angry at Bush to begin with.  That what is now being spun out as the Tea Party Movement – the center of its widening gyre right now in Nashville – was indeed founded in the last year or so of  Bush’s “Lost Decade” administration.  They said they were well aware of the fiscal excesses of the Bush Republican era.

Say the Tea Party did start before our first non-white president had even won the primary.  Say these actually were philosophical free market libertarians of the constitutionalist small business owner variety upset at Republicans In Name Only.  The callers sounded reasonable; one I heard on Ed Schultz (I think), the other on local Tom Bauerle.

But as for libertarianism, it would have worked fine among farmers and farriers, in Jefferson’s ideal image of America, but not in our world. The late 19th century fight against factory child labor, and Love Canal, as well as the current dilemma over SCOTUS’s rescission of corporate campaign finance restrictions prove that libertarianism, even free market libertarianism, can be no more than an ideal.

Okay, say that the Tea Party Movement was started during the Bush administration by sincere thoughtful people who didn’t care who was in office, who only cared about the actions of whoever was in office…

I’m willing to take that at face value.  But sorry, it just doesn’t hold water.

Can you reasonably believe in this day and age of blogs and Facebook and Google and famished 24/7 news networks we just happened to have heard nothing – zero, vacuum – about this movement supposedly first begun by a small but national network of like-minded people, until the month Obama was inaugurated?

And even if it is true, the fact that the sincere “original” Tea Partiers’ message could be so easily, rapidly, thoroughly bastardized into an echo chamber making people believe our president has to be a manchurian candidate because his father gave him an Arabic middle name, giving approval to people who think trillions for war is okay but millions for education is evil, into making people giddily paint a Hitler moustache on a man – whom Hitler probably would have had gassed – because he wants every child and parent in our wealthy nation to have reasonable access to health care, emboldening a middle aged women to give a Nazi salute and “Sieg Heil!” to an Israeli-born naturalized American citizen discussing the health care system there to a news crew, only proves their message was vapid and hollow and useless to begin with.


One response to “tea party crashers

  1. Candice (geeek girl)

    I appreciate your concern regarding individuals’ motives behind opposing the president, but I think that calling all people on the right racist (especially when that movement includes some blacks) is painting with too broad a brush. There are some racists in both parties. Hello Sen. Byrd. There was a similar movement prior to Obama’s presidency and that was during the Clinton admin. It was the Contract With America. Same type of people. I oppose the president because I disagree with his policies. Sure, there are some redneck yahoos who don’t like him because he’s black but most people on the right ignore those type of people. At any rate, I look forward to reading your next article because I enjoy hearing and discussing different points of view.

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