“more cowbell!!”

Tweeted today by @mjfrombuffalo:

It’s fun to have a church minister who gets the joke when you ask if a report needs “more cowbell.”

I love the “more cowbell!” meme!  I don’t know why.  I use it online whenever I can – most often in the trivia “pub quiz” PalTalk chatrooms I frequent (PalTalk is an audio/cam-oriented IM service – in the trivia rooms a reader or pair of readers ask questions such as “In what town did Ernest Hemingway run with the bulls?” and the rest of the room races to type the answer in the room, the first right answer or answers get points, the room divided into 2 teams – usually men against women – and differentiated by CAPS and lowers, or blue and pink fonts.  Apparently the “quiz night” at a pub is a British tradition that didn’t make it over here).  Anyway… Sometimes the readers play songs for everyone to try to identify fastest – and whenever Blue Oyster Cult’s Don’t Fear the Reaper gets played there are usually a few of us who forgo scoring points to type “MORE COWBELL!!!!”

As shown in this VH1 Behind the Music clip, Don’t Fear the Reaper was Gene Frenkle’s shining moment.

He came back on Saturday Night Live to join Green Day.

But 30 years later, it just wasn’t the same…  There was an earnestness to even Blue Oyster Cult’s lugubrious Reaper that’s no longer around to be plucked out of the air.  Cowbells are now reduced to samples and monetized on pay-per sites like http://www.platinumloops.com.  And the blacklight philosophical heaviness of Don’t Fear the Reaper has been usurped by The Chipmunks.

Gene Frenkle gave us a moment that shot up like a Bicentennial firework and lit up the night for us as quickly as it was cut down by the Reaper’s scythe.

(By the way, the town where Ernest Hemingway ran with the bulls?  Trick question – he didn’t run with them; he watched from a balcony.)


One response to ““more cowbell!!”

  1. Well you really can’t go wrong with more cowbell 🙂 and less trojans! at least what led you to aggravation also gave you blog post fodder, lol.

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