Sarah Palin’s glasses and the “R” word

Remember Tucker in There’s Something About Mary?  You felt so sorry for him, consigned to his braces, and with his self-conscious halting speech, in love with Mary but only getting her sympathy.

You laughed, and then hated yourself for laughing, as you watched Tucker’s difficulties on stairs, his rocking back and forth on his crutches as he tried to grab at something.  He seemed like such a nice guy, and if only he weren’t handicapped…

I’ll get back to him…

Last August, Rahm Emanuel had a closed door meeting with some democratic party operatives.  He was pissed.  In the middle of a Wall Street Journal article 6 month after the fact, Rahm Emanuel is noted to have called them the “R” word.  I am left in a somewhat untenable position here, and honestly not sure if I’m giving him an undeserved pass.   But, he was using it  in a closed room with people he knew, people who ostensibly worked for him, people he was accusing of harming the president’s health care initiative and therefore purposefully interfering with his honest attempt to help tens of millions of Americans.  As I am an America who would be shut out from obtaining health insurance if I lost the coverage graciously offered by my employer, in a way Rahm Emanuel was angry defending me.

Later, after the article appeared, he apologized in person to Timothy Shriver and other representatives of The Special Olympics and disability initiatives.

Rush Limbaugh used the report of Emanuel’s remark as an excuse to diddle with the 1st Amendment, going on an irony-laden screed that allowed him to say it 42 times, including his own phrase describing Emanuel’s August 26 harangue, “Calling a bunch of people who are retards, retards!”

Sarah Palin was outraged at Emanuel for saying what he said and demanded his resignation for saying it.  But during an interview when then asked about Limbaugh, in her next sentences she said she had no problem with Rush using it, as he was saying it in “satire”.   A head-spinning double standard.

Back to sad-sack Tucker…

Have you ever seen Sarah Palin without glasses?  She started wearing them sometime after her 1980s work as a sportscaster, she is in fact known for them, they are part of her “naughty librarian” vibe as Craig Ferguson put it.

Well into There’s Something About Mary, after we have become sympathetic with Tucker’s unrequited love, after we feel horrible about ourselves for laughing at actor Lee Evans’ slapstick, Tucker pulls off the braces and turns out not to be who he says he is – he has been faking his disability to gain Mary’s sympathy and trust.

Sarah Palin does not wear her glasses because she is nearsighted.  She does not wear her glasses because she is farsighted.

Her eyesight is fine.

She wears glasses so we think she is more intelligent than she really is.  That’s all.

I’ve worn glasses since I was 10.  I now wear bifocals.  Tried contacts, but my prescription is so strong I would need special ones.  If I were born 500 years ago, I’d be utterly useless, and end up not seeing the wolf stalking me or stepping off a cliff.  I fall asleep with an old pair of glasses on.  I worry that in some disaster or a car accident, I’d lose them and I’d just get into harm’s way again.

Like hobbling Tucker, Sarah Palin is faking a physical impediment to fool us into thinking she has qualities she does not truly possess.

A woman who feigns an inborn shortcoming, then rails at someone for insulting people with an inborn shortcoming, then tells us she thinks someone else is fine in using that same insult for political expediency, is not someone described by the “R” word – she is described by the “H” word.  A condition she has full power to choose to change.


3 responses to “Sarah Palin’s glasses and the “R” word

  1. Wouldn’t Rahm using the R word behind closed doors be the same as someone using the N word behind closed doors? It’s still offensive. And, Rush was simply making fun of Rahm. We never heard Rush use that word until he did his parody of Rahm. Emanuel, Reid, Clinton – none of them would have gotten a pass if they had been Republicans.

  2. Well, people do use the N word, in movies, for instance in acting in the role of some racist redneck or something like that. I wouldn’t have a big problem with that. The problem I have is the double standard that exists. Either both Rahm & Rush should have been given a pass or both denounced. I’m just asking for consistency. I really resent a party which claims to embrace blacks but doesn’t do anything when one of theirs says something offensive about blacks. (not individuals, but the party in general). Don’t want to paint with too broad a brush 🙂

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