poem – “half a prayer, half a song”

half a prayer, half a song

First time
we made love
in Marilyn’s room
that boarding house
where I had to be out by two
in her wide bed
the one I sleep alone in now
a thick soft scent all through the room
that sometimes still twists my memory
airing maybe, but more likely haunting

Man of la Mancha
flickered away on
that little set on her dresser
amid the curlers and sewing kits
Peter O’Toole’s beard
pointing this way and that
Sophia’s skirt
swishing here and then there
and all the bursts of songs
and horses hooves clattering dust
guards and jeers and vows

Unfolding, but ignored
for the most part
and I won’t joke and say it was
that I was tipping at her windmill
but when we were done
she called me her Hero, really


One response to “poem – “half a prayer, half a song”

  1. A very interesting poem…I liked the first stanzas best…but that’s just my oppinion. 🙂

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