letter to Marilyn

In case you’re worried about an obsession,  I’ve actually never written anything like this before…

Hi Marilyn,

It’s five years on now.  The world’s gotten busier and faster and more obnoxious.  More for the young who can keep up with it and push it ahead.

I saw to it that Rudy got a good home with a friend of mine.  He was fine, adjusted well.   He passed away a year ago, he was 15?  So sorry.

Remember that  young black junior senator who gave that rushed opening speech at the Democratic Convention, and I had no idea who he was?  Barack Obama.  He’s president now.  Really!   Things are tough, though – we’re in the worst economic situation since the Great Depression, and the middle class is still being eroded and things have gotten more money-driven – so the general feeling isn’t good.

I know you’d hate it, but I’ve reduced my beard down to a little “soul beard” under my lip, and I keep my hair cropped very short.  It’s mostly gray now and thinning, not male pattern but generally, so when it’s long it doesn’t look good anymore.  A couple years ago Kathy had a lumpectomy – it was malignant but completely excised and she was declared cancer-free, but she got chemo and radiation afterwards anyway as a precaution.  Of course, her hair fell out in clumps, and she had her head shaved and wore a wig.  As a surprise I got my head shaved too – turns out I have a decent shaped head, and with my hair mostly gray I actually looked younger bald.  I’m thinking of shaving it again this summer, but keeping it smooth is high maintenance (at least from a guy’s perspective).  And a funny thing – Kathy had started Weight Watchers just before it happened, and she lost so much weight from the chemo she hit her target and now goes for free!

The nieces and nephews are healthy.  Little Mikey is taller than I am now.  A couple years ago,  he had a speaking part, a few scenes,  in a movie about “the real” Saint Nicholas in Turkey in the 6th Century.   Togas, playing with wooden swords, and he had to keep his hair full and tousled for a couple years in case of  any reshoots.

Oh, and I had heart attack and ended up getting a quadruple bypass three years ago.  I flatlined on the operating table – I don’t know if we talked or not; they gave me a drug that would erase my memory, so in case they messed up the anesthesia and I ended up being awake during the surgery I wouldn’t remember anyway.  I’ve lost some weight and I work out now, swimming, like I did toward the end when we were together.   My energy level tends to be erratic now, and I’m not sleeping well.  I’m being fitted for a CPAP machine next week.

Oh, and after you passed away, you probably saved a marriage.  In California.  I’ll tell you more about that soon.

But for now, as I said, my energy level… *kiss*


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