sleep help

Getting tested with a CPAP machine this weekend.   Not looking forward to it.  Went for a sleep and apnea testing a couple months back, it was the worst night since my surgery.   I couldn’t get to sleep til after 2:30, from a 10:00 lights out.  About ten electrodes on my head and chest  – and face – some held with globs of green paste like stale wasabi.  Couldn’t move much from on my back – and I never sleep on my back.  Even in the hospital after my surgery, when I could I’d curl onto my side.

Just have to let myself relax and think pleasant thoughts – which, along with sleeping on my back, I never do.

It’s going to be in the hospital I was in with my heart attack.  When I was there for my first test, my mind wasn’t really making the connection, which is a good thing.

People who have used the machine, and people who know people who do, tell me it can renew.  I wonder if when I look back on this year’s 365 blogs, my tiredness the past month with be glaring obvious.


One response to “sleep help

  1. I used to know a who that uses the cpap, she had sleep apnea, it realy helped her to sleep, i hope it helps you as much as it did her

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