sleep help II

Given today over to “recovering” from my overnight CPAP fitting and sleep test. I was very tired, but I lay back on the bed in the bedroom type room getting comfortable with mask – after trying the full mask covering nose and mouth, we decided to use just the nose mask –  between the time the tech showed me the machine and the mask.

Fortunately, just about my favorite tv show was on, Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.  The American version on Fox.  On the BBC American repeats only the “fucks” are bleeped out.  With my arm up, my hand pressing the mask on my face, not strapped on, my old bed glasses perched crooked on top of them.  When the tech got back to me, I sat in a chair as he strapped bands around my chest and stomach and then rubbed spots on my face and head and shoulders and legs with disinfectant, stuck on adhesive electrode pads, and clamped the electrodes on, a mess of wires leading from my body to plugs in a box.  Seinfeld was on then, and as he methodically prepped me we both laughed at it.

Sorry, I’m tired.  Of course I was imagining something a little different when I set out on this blog-every-day-in-2010 project.


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