swimming for life

I have been feeling so tired lately.  Got the scrip for a CPAP machine yesterday – the initial outlay for it, even with my insurance covering almost half of it, I can’t afford now and may not be able to for almost 4 more weeks.

In the meantime, I suppose I’ll rely on swimming – and maybe biking in the 70 degree weather expected this weekend –  to rejuvenate.  I was – am – exhausted today.  Gave myself 9 hours in bed to sleep last night, but remember seeing the time at 1:50 and then at 3:27 and stayed up for a bit watching an episode of Frasier.   And that is what I remember.  Then got up, padded around, checked things online for a bit, went back to bed, up til after 5:00.

Had set my alarms for 7:35 and 7:40 respectively.  Stayed in bed for maybe 10 minutes.   Got up, coffeed, checked stuff online – turns out one of my friends on vacation was up late where she was, hoping I’d be on.  We had some fun; I ended up quite late for work.  But was there before my boss.

Decided to go for a swim during lunch.

My gym is across the street from work, but still after everything done and showered can only squeeze swimming for 20 minutes, maybe a few more, in the hour for lunch.

But I didn’t feel like doing it after work; for one thing lap swim is only available 30 minutes after work is over so I have to wait one way or another.

I was worried I was too tired to swim properly, or that it would push me over the edge (seriously, I’m that tired), but I decided to challenge a 20 minute swim.

No expectations.  No lap count.  Just to enjoy myself and let my body decide in the moment.

It was very nice.  Almost perfect, in a way.  Some moments I just floated on my back, some laps I seriously paid attention to my stroke and streamline and pumped it out.

Now I feel at peace – the air warming this week, the sun beaming today and now goldening my living room though the parted drapes.  Waiting for a call from a sweet friend and just talk.


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