biking in April

Buffalo hit 77 F today.

After work I went for a bike ride, getting out my trusty Rosinante – a bike I bought at Salvation Army for $19 six years ago, and have put at least $400 into since.  Tires, of course – several.  A couple Spring tune-ups that ended up approaching $100,  new brakes, new gears at one point, new saddle so my swimming boys can still have lots of brothers, new handlebars, and last Spring handlebar extensions so I can lean further into it and work my core more.

I pushed myself today – it didn’t feel like pushing, but I knew it was.  After a swing probably a mile out of my way to a gas station to put more air in the tires, we were off.  Backtracked so I could go my usual 40 minute route.  If you know Buffalo, I got to Niagara and Forest to get to the bike path under and along the Scajaquada – the bike path winds along the creek as it meanders under the raised expressway named after it [skuh-JACK-wuh-duh – you would think it a native American name, but actually after Englishman Sam Conjockity].  Take it under Elmwood, past the history museum – and ice chucks still in that little draining arm of little Hoyt Lake.  Further along the Scajaquada, crossing Delaware Ave. at the northern point of the S Curves, as the pedestrian part of the overpass is blocked and under reconstruction.  On to Delaware Park’s Ring Road – once around that, zipping past the joggers and walkers, going past cars on the half that is open to traffic as they are restricted to 15 MPH (I guess bikes are too) – and loop back home near Grant St. via Bidwell Parkway.

That’s what I did today, in the sudden sun, under the still bare trees.


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