poem 4/3/10

Recordbreaking warm today – hit mid-80s F. So I decided to go for a bike ride, pushed myself to 2 hours…

The song this body
sings to me tonight
or for anyone to hear
is something Son House
creates then composes –

Sinews squealing torn
under a glass bottleneck
each step each reach
my tired smoldered body
is a gristled bluesman
voicing making something
of its ancient sorrows


2 responses to “poem 4/3/10

  1. Sounds like you were in a lot of pain after a rather long bike ride my friend…I try to ride about two hours everyother day….but if you haven’t been riding in a while such a long ride would make the blues sound like smooth jazz. 🙂

  2. enjoy the bottleneck I do.

    It moans and tones and has more tells than poker players



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