poem 4/4/10 – Sprint


Experts say –
and recover
Sprint and recover

The glorious push
so self aware
shoving the air
shoving the weight
shoving the water
showing the world
everything you got

Then the resting
catching of breath
your body placating itself
gathering up reserve
shoring up resolve

To crash full and free again
in the allotted span

But the little girl
in the daisy yellow dress
in the busy banquet hall
it’s Easter brunch and families
she squeals and careens
full steam ahead
like a joyous firetruck
so slingshot free
her tiny heels clicking
on tiles in a spring flamenco
confident as she is
of hitting no one

she is the expert
for now
let her be

She says –
don’t recover
only sprint
just sprint
sprint sprint


2 responses to “poem 4/4/10 – Sprint

  1. Each stage of my life has taught me that sprinting with those younger than you leads to pain unmeasured on most scales….I am learning to cheer…cheer…cheer them on. 🙂 Again I enjoyed your writing.

  2. You got poetry chops. Not only did you capture the little girl, you tag the spirit of sprint.

    This was an effortless read and a pleasure to do so.


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