poem 4/5/10 – the wife, the cherry pie, the baby

I registered with NaPoWriMo 2010, challenging myself to write a poem a every day in April, waiting for reply.

= = =

** Fine tune edited 5/4/10

(This is probably my worst nightmare)

the wife, the cherry pie, the baby

In the time before he breathes that
last one breath, finally
hollow, gasping
on the nursing home bed
he will tell the attendants
about the women, the affairs
before and after his vows
and about the wife, about that one day

She wore an apron, over a little blue dress
tied in lacy white, the crisp bow in back
when he got home from work
she had baked him a pie
cooling now on the kitchen windowsill
warm cherry red glazing
over the strips of crust, brown against
the ceramic white pie pan, the one
with the yellow and orange birds,
a wedding gift from her maid of honor
lifting it in her flowered quilted oven mitts
she turned and presented it to him

You’re going to be a father! –
her voice bright, not hesitant
but cracking a little, her smile eternal
proud of his hands proud of his body
and the future they shared
and are going to create

he doesn’t remember
the taste of the pie later, or the dinner they had
but he’ll tell the weekly sponger and
that woman, the one with the cold fingertips
who grunts every time she pushes his hip
to grab at the bedpan

About how he sat down
in the kitchen chair with the
red corduroy cushion tied on its seat
and stared at his wife’s belly
and leaned to it and kissed it
Adoring her always
that summer day

And they nod and say that’s nice
clenching their jaws but not hesitating
because they’ve glanced at the guest register
and they’ve seem his records
the family fields empty

And again they assure him
his wife, his son, his daughter
or his secret lost love
or that girl he never talked to
will come by tomorrow
I’m sure, tomorrow


4 responses to “poem 4/5/10 – the wife, the cherry pie, the baby

  1. Reminds me of the “Cats in the Cradle” kind of a theme…so nicely said.

  2. Thanks for visiting. There is so much detail in this, which make the memories that never were so poignant.

  3. this is a fearless write, that holds and builds and mixes feelings for the protagonist … a great caution.


  4. This paints such vivid pictures and is so poignant–great storytelling.

    Thanks for visiting my site…

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