poem 4/6/10 – “Life on Mars?”

A bit, just touching on, today’s ReadWritePoem prompt…


Life on Mars?

I ask you to focus on
these pictures
tight shots
of Mars
at least tight for outer space

They seem like a
godawful small affair
after those other dull images
they showed us once before
The rocket settling
balanced on a licking flame
the ancient city half buried
half built of red sands

Dark little shadows
scurrying behind rocks
past shattered walls
hiding from the men
in their silver suits
in their oxygen masks
in their crewcuts
oh man look at those
creatures go!

And then that passage
hidden by a planet of red dust
discovered and the men go
down underground
it must be a million years old!
the end of the martian road

But there! That shadow there
I saw something!
and the last Martian
steps out into the passage
his big round bug eyes
dull in the astronauts’ beams
clacking his nervous pincers
his wobbly big head
how it tilts when he talks
to the men

how an atomic war
destroyed all
and in a last effort
ships reared up
to the green third planet
silvery space seeds
to a new Eden
or our first

That is so cool! – I thought
as I’m hooked to the silver screen

But that was just a sunken dream
it’s about to be writ again
as I ask you to focus on
these pictures
tight shots
of Mars
at least tight for outer space

It’s the freakiest show


8 responses to “poem 4/6/10 – “Life on Mars?”

  1. What a wonderful way to look at all of this…the borders of our imagination shall never be held by facts. 😉

  2. It’s so damn hard when we meet the other and learn the “other” is our other.

    Why did crewcuts work so well here. And focus as a refrain.


  3. I thought that all aliens resided on Mars! What a great little poem! As a Venusian, do my comments count here? 🙂 Nice work I’m glad I dropped by.

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  5. I liked the crewcuts too 🙂
    Great poem Lawrence.

  6. Thanks for making a link to your Mars poem. I didn’t know Kokopelli was a trickster. I thought he was just a character in Bokurano! Thanks for the mythological lesson.

  7. Imagination and creativity are boundless! So far, mine have extended up to the moon… 🙂
    Your poem has put some fresh red ideas into my brain… time to find out if I can gurgle out some words based on those ideas… 🙂
    Thanks for this beautiful poem, Lawrence… I need to get back to Earth NOW! 🙂

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