poem 4/7/10 – tanka – Brandy ’87

a tanka… see readwritepoem.org for April 7

Brandy ’87

tucking into you my hands gripping knowing now confident
the gray sheet under us slipping back away and bracing us ahead
I push you rolling your holding body holding me
making you purr making me grin making my teeth hold back my scream
that morning first taking your top down pushing your clutch and burning the road


7 responses to “poem 4/7/10 – tanka – Brandy ’87

  1. I really like this. 1) It was the year I was born. 2) You are a straight up love machine.

  2. top down…..now that reminds me of my ’57 chevvy convertible……nice one

  3. I live with a rev head. He loved your poem!

  4. lol, i like this.
    Awesome poetry

  5. Slick and certain and prompt on target


  6. yeah, pedal to the metal… i like it all the more that you took your time cruizin… erotic engine

  7. Quite nicely done…my friend.

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