poem 4/8/10 – your Book of Days

This slipped away from today’s readwritepoem.org April poetry challenge “unusual love connection” metaphor prompt.  But then again, this is poetry, not coding.

I wonder what Marilyn would think, if she saw all I’ve written, and will still write, about her.  Flattered? more, stunned?

your Book of Days

Some rainy days
Now that you’re gone
I’ll sit quiet, touching eternal
holding your big Book of Days

Its thickened heft on my lap
all the leather cracked and noble
the pages filled dreaming inside
the warm brass lock
you never bothered to snap

I think you forgot about it
in how you rushed to leave
but I found it

Under all the ownerless things
squatting in your apartment
in the days after

Your mother and sister just
wanted to drop it
in a gray generic Hefty bag
lug it out to their car
so maybe later getting
away from here
too burdened they think
they’d release a knob
the amber light a door is ajar
quick close it the air whipping in
all your things all that bag spilling out
dashed to the edge of the road

Smacking in the gravel
the binding cracks
the innocent pages muddied
while your sister and mother
slip away angry or guilty
back to Columbus

and be done with you

But when they were picking
through the meds and curlers and oils
on the counter in your bathroom

hissing at your daring

I grabbed it
pushed it to the bottom
of the box I was carrying out
seven books, a carton of incense
postcards a scarf a little pillow
other things they wouldn’t understand

They couldn’t be bothered
with your Book of Days
and I wasn’t sure I’d understand
but at least I’d thought I’d want to

It’s raining today
and my thumb caresses
the warm brass lock
you never bothered to snap


3 responses to “poem 4/8/10 – your Book of Days

  1. I personally think this is one of the most powerful poems you’ve written…for it connects to memories that I have so well…and that is what makes a poem grand…when it touches the heart of someone…in ways the meter and rhyme cannot…thanks!

  2. Wonderful!!! So heartfelt and says soooo much.

  3. This is simply beautiful; sad and tender. Lovely.


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