poem 4/10/10 – the day we saved the world

This is the 100th day and post of my own 2010 blog a day challenge. Thanks for your eyeballs and your support…!

Today’s NaPoWriMo 2010 challenge – readwritepoem.org’s prompt:  “Write about a birthday party, a wedding, a baptism — any kind of celebration where you were with family or friends or both…”  My real life has been pretty dull, but not my fantasy life. Thus…

The day we saved the world

The cheering crowd
on the wide grey tarmac
under the afternoon sun
greets us
when as the hatch hisses open
we step out of Danger Probe Two
its red and chrome hull now
laser scarred
battle tested
Danger Probe One having been destroyed
in the Maradan Wormhole
back in Episode Seven

And it looks like everyone
The Mayor on down
every good citizen
all of Starlite City
is here
a sea of matching sketchy faces
their cheering rhythmic
their voices swelling
here for the heroes
with our helmets tucked under our arms

We remember
in Episode Four
everyone thought the
evil Robot Mayor
sent to destroy
was indeed the real Mayor
only Captain Quark knew the truth
and before the City Council
about to grant absolute control
he proved it to all
imposter real real imposter
with his clever Turing Test

And we remember
in Episode Eight
Project Nebula’s
lead scientist
the honored Doctor Lemm
irascible darling of the media
turned out to be a turncoat
and we had no choice
but to put Commander Samura in
suspended animation
after his hand was crushed
until we got home

But here
in this final scene
we choose to forget
to rise above
as a brass band plays
as The Mayor pins us
with ribbons

And finally
as his daughter
gives me a kiss
everyone laughs
as I blush a blush
as crimson as the Danger Probe logo


One response to “poem 4/10/10 – the day we saved the world

  1. it’s hard work saving the world!!! but the celebration is the best… happy day 100 to you… backwards bliss

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