poem 4/12/10 – morning armistice

NaPoWriMw 2010 April Challenge, Day 12.   The readwritepoem.org prompt: “Make up a secret code. Begin by writing a few nonsense sentences, like “The raindrops tap out a cry for help” or “The dandelions are saying all at once, ‘You are overwhelmed.’”…”

Posting now, for a poem a day; but this is better read first thing in the morning.

morning armistice

the morning sun
does toll
wants a conference
appeasing onto the bed
a kiss, politick –
+++++ no reciprocation

sinews slow
want to stick to the tacky sheet
+++++ picketing the need

the back
the left leg
out and finally down
+++++ its heel balls on the carpet
the calf also balks
+++++ left hip is a refusenik

doesn’t deign to
concede, to join
wants to
any chance of peace
+++++ bangs and bangs its shoe

on these bones
up the side of the neck
the whole hollow
+++++ – We will bury you!

but the will does not balk
it is made
of stronger stuff
it has seen
carelessness, strife

and above all at all costs, now
peace must
prevail, will prevail

the hand agrees
reaches out
to still
+++++ the creening alarm

the body stands
the armistice is won

this morning, today’s
is concluded
by force of
by force majeure
+++++ – we have reached
++++++ an agreement, gentlemen


One response to “poem 4/12/10 – morning armistice

  1. Oh boy, do I understand this one! Good metaphor. And there’s a code here – it’s the body’s relentless message to us. Nice going!

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