poem 4/16/10 – Bay Rum

Today’s NaPoWriMo 2010 April Challenge from readwritepoem.org – Day #16 “what’s that smell?”

A bit off prompt, just a bit.  I was in fact thinking about this last night, looking over my cologne bottles on my bathroom sink… I had originally ended it with a zen-y verse about moments and memory, but I decided it didn’t need it.


Bay Rum

– you stink good! –
always made me cringe
++++++inside, to be honest
but I never said so
let you

because I know
just a moment ago

a girl speaks to her father
springs to her tiptoes
hands pressed on his arm
++++++more yearning than
++++++holding, to him tender
++++++soft little white fingers
she lifts her face to his jaw
so strong!
++++++her shining blue eyes
++++++her indolent freckles
++++++her shimmery hair spills back
and her aquiline nose
still cutely curved
+++he thinks
flares and gulps, she sighs
and he smiles, maybe more to himself
and his little papoose squeals
++++++– you stink good! –


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