poem 4/18/10 – mother lion

NaPoWriMo 2010, readwritepoem.org Challenge #18: “meow” – in celebration of this Year of the Tiger, today’s prompt is to feature, write about, the feline.

Today is the 3rd anniversary of my bypass surgery (posts about that here and here). The poem works off the Buddhist aphorism about leadership, mentor-disciple, that when a mother lion roars, her cubs fear nothing.

Mother lion
stands over me
she snarls at the surgeons

furred forepaws astride
my split open chest
she rocks impatiently

her back claws click
by the nurses’ padded feet
hour by hour as

my body is carved
suctioned, sliced, dead and
revived, wired, repaired, rebreathes

Mother lion
watches over me
I am not sure why
she chose me as her cub


4 responses to “poem 4/18/10 – mother lion

  1. Hard to argue with that. Well done. I hope she keeps her vigil many long years for you.

  2. That was beautiful! I never heard that aphorism before, but I love how you put that into your poem. You’re one lucky man to have been taken in by that lioness…I, too, hope she continues to keep watch over you.

  3. many blesses little cub big heart healed man… this is a beautiful unveiling of intimate contact with a strong spirit… here kitty kitty

  4. Wow, so glad she choose you, and may she long watch over you!

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