poem 4/19/10 – Juggernaut

NaPoWriMo 2010 readwritepoem challenge, Day 19 – “light bulb moments”.  The suggestion is actually to describe in detail one of your own lightbulb moments, perhaps humiliating and in hindsight humorous.

Decided to “take a day off” as I take a day off work (in case I needed to recuperate after my 2 mile swim celebratory swim yesterday – for the reason, see yesterday’s poem). This just blurped out – I just went with jotting down a few historical lightbulb moments – Crick’s DNA double helix, John Nash’s game theory, and of course Archimedes and Newton.  Not sure what the title means, really the word just struck me as I thought of this, so I trusted my intuition, lol…


snakes will roll down roads
friends will ogle pretty girls
naked Greeks will run screaming wet
how many apples fell
on daydreaming boys
who grabbed them up and simply ate?


5 responses to “poem 4/19/10 – Juggernaut

  1. As unstoppable forces go, these seem as appropriate as any. The last three lines really say it all.

  2. I really like this, especially the last three lines. It made me stop and think.


  3. Well put 🙂

  4. I like the apparent simplicity in this, Novaheart.
    So…two mile swim? I swim, but usually stop at a mile or a tad bit more–haven’t tried to tackle 2, and not sure I could…

  5. I like this and I think the title works so well!

    Funnily enough, I cut an apple in half the other day and it had a six pointed star in the centre, I wonder now if that was like finding a four leaf clover?

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