poem 4/20/10 – boot steps

NaPoWriMo 2010 Challenge, readwritepoem Day # 20 – “the hero poem”

The last day I was in the hospital, waiting to be discharged, I got a roommate, an elderly man who was about to have heart surgery too; he complained and complained, expecting all the nurses and orderlies to know everything he had told the doctor and told the intake three days ago, kind of living in an old fashioned attentive world.   We only exchanged a few words – turned out he had been a medic on the second wave at Normandy after it was secured.


boot steps

He was a green medic at Normandy
after the storming, storming Omaha
waded through the water other boys’ bodies tangled
boots sinking into sand onto hands onto legs

he couldn’t stop to think to pray, anything
gun nests cleared but still he squinted up
at the blinded pillboxes set in the cliff
the clouded skies, jaw tight sucking fetid air

someday maybe but not today
those clouds will flush away
for blue skies a wife a family
grandchildren running jumping
for his attention, but now
the future is one boot step after another


3 responses to “poem 4/20/10 – boot steps

  1. Nice one, novaheart! I went to the beaches in Normandy two years ago and was so moved. We also saw/chatted with many WWII veterans in JFK airport (on our way there) who were going to the beaches for their first time since the war. Very powerful seeing them in their military uniforms, with their pins and metals, etc! Anyhow, I think your poem is also very moving.

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