poem 4/21/10 – kiss it (Cy Twombly has left this white for me)

NaPoWriMo 2010 April Challenge, Day 21 – “perfectly flawed” – write bout perfection, imperfection, where they touch, where each is within the other…

~ NOTE: I place a white square, a jpg image, at the end of each post, for spacing, since I cannot find WordPress coding to create several blank lines.
~ Apparently a lot of you can see them, somehow, which I didn’t know (a square outline?) But on both computers I use to access my blog, they are not visible, so there’s just an inch or so of blank screen down to the “categories” list.

This was inspired by an event that happened in an art gallery in 2007. She was arrested and fined.

kiss it

Cy Twombly painted a painting
across three canvases
white cotton white paint
it was so perfect
he left it unnamed
it was white
just white
taller than you
wider than you
really, it’s that big
and all white, white
a painting so perfect
it is worth 2 million
worth more than you

and Rindy Sam
she came up and kissed
it ruined it pink
she said

“I left a kiss a red stain remained
on the canvas
this red stain is testimony
to this moment
to the power of art
Cy Twombly has left this
white for me”

there is a white square
at the bottom of this poem
at the bottom of all my poems

it is so perfect
you cannot even see it
that’s perfection for you

kiss it


6 responses to “poem 4/21/10 – kiss it (Cy Twombly has left this white for me)

  1. And to think, I had never realised why you had a white square there!

  2. Novaheart–I’ve been wondering all month what those squares were for. Another wonderful poem!!!

  3. Where’s my lipstick when I need it?

  4. I LOVE this poem. I love that she ruined the painting but made it special at the same time. I love the changing face of art described in this poem. Gold star.


  5. viciousorvirtuous


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