poem 4/22/10 – Opening Day

NaPoWriMo 2010 readwritepoem Challenge Day #22 – a Wordle from http://www.wordle.net.  Finagled all the words into eight lines about baseball – pepper is a warm-up exercise.


Opening Day

Dizzy Dean and the boys play pepper
out on the emporium of grass
the diamond a saffron square
amid the fresh green tendrils
tomorrow is the day
when fierce cheers will reverberate
like a squall of crows flinching up
shaking winter’s rust off the scoreboard


5 responses to “poem 4/22/10 – Opening Day

  1. NICE.
    this poem uses the words without sounding forced.

  2. NOW I see the square, but it’s pink!

    Wow-that poem was amazingly good…very tight ; love the last two lines.

  3. There’re no bad days at the ballpark, and yet

    tomorrow is always the day.

    Nice work.

  4. well I wrote two poems….both Dizzy…i posted the other Dizzy on my blog….I use to listen Diz on game of day baseball when I was a kid…..oh for the memories….thanks for sharing this

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