poem 4/23/10 – Sarah Palin writes haiku

Today’s NaPoWriMo 2010 Challenge….

Read Write Poem member Sage Cohen has a terrific suggestion for today’s poems: Write a poem in which you combine a speaker and an event that normally don’t go together (such as sports broadcasters and poetry writing), as Jay Leeming does in his poem, “Man Writes Poem.”

Sorry! I couldn’t resist…

Sarah Palin writes haiku

One two three four five
One two three four five six seven
Oops, that’s one too many!


15 responses to “poem 4/23/10 – Sarah Palin writes haiku

  1. I like this: I have an inbuilt resistance to syllable counting.


  2. Now that’s funny stuff!

    Good work, and not too mean.

  3. Do we have to kiss the pink square or is it only the white one!

  4. Brilliant!!

  5. She’s one too many. Thanks!

    • Thank you for reading and commenting, Marie! Are you on WordPress or Blogger or in ReadWritePoem? I would like to reciprocate, but your comment info did not include a refer-back website and the email address you listed is apparently incorrect or misspelled. Thanks!

  6. Very enlightening. I would have bet she couldn’t count that high.

  7. This is very cruel, Lawrence – but funny!!

    And yes, you are displaying a pink square below your posts now!

  8. No she can’t!

    Good stuff right here!

  9. I have a warm glow in my heart at this moment.

  10. good one…..i had dear Sarah in mine to…she was more serious at here rally…thanks again for sharing

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