poem 4/24/10 – swallow this sunshine

NaWriPoMo 2010 ReadWritePoem Challenge # 24: find a phrase – “Clichés, idioms, what-have-you. As points of inspiration, you might think they’re dead in the water, but that’s a load of codswallop… So for today’s prompt, travel a while on The Phrase Finder (http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/index.html) website until you find the phrase or phrase origin that most interests you.”  This was inspired by the phrase “God is dead” – as explained there, attributed famously to Nietzsche, it was actually earlier written by Gerard de Nerval, from whom I took the first four lines. I am a former Buddhist, always been an atheist, but I do understand and even feel the impulse toward believing in a god.

Working to trust myself more while writing – I tried to just let this just happen, as I have lately, for better or worse.


swallow this sunshine
Dieu est mort!
God is dead
Heaven is empty!
le ciel est vide
and words are empty
sepulchres whited
the clouds will part
the clouds will seal
now look up and gape
at the face of the sun
at the belly of clouds
now swallow this sunshine
open your mouth
say something something
breathe His face
speak the words
that roll upon the hips of the world


6 responses to “poem 4/24/10 – swallow this sunshine

  1. Almost a religious poem. God seems to discriminate. He chooses to bother some whether they want it or not.

  2. We look too hard sometimes, miss what we think we seek.

  3. Portentous, Lawrence!

    (And the square’s still pink.)

  4. i really LIKE this Lawrence…my phrase came from the bible….and I dont reallyt know much……..much about the bible either…..thanks for this

  5. Interesting poem…seems quite different than many of your others, but like the others, it’s very good. Love the last line.

  6. Seek. The finding is secondary.

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