poem 4/26/10 – The Department of Good Morning

NaPoWriMo 2010 ReadWritePoem Challenge Day 26 – “Find a poem that you started, or perhaps one you abandoned… You now have two choices: finish the poem or take the parts you like and begin a brand new piece.”

The title and opening is a phrase that’s been rattling in my head for a while. I may have actually heard it, or misheard it, from a TV commercial.  This is one I can easily go back to and put some more work into.

The Department of Good Morning

The Department of Good Morning
a wholly owned subsidiary of Have a Nice Day
wishes you a safe and happy journey

as you enjoy your day
find directions on Mapquest
so you know where to stop and think
when is a good time to smile
and when to nod sympathetically

friend us on Facebook
find out what’s on our mind
and see what everyone you
will meet today is talking about

Justin Bieber, Twilight
who’s shaving their head today
to raise money for cancer
who bought a cow on Farmville
who’s saying RIP to her favorite cousin

go to Mapquest to see where you will
run into her, so you know when to nod

follow us on Twitter
subscribe on YouTube
sunrises now stream in HD

and if you find yourself alone
it happens to all of us
join our gold member pay site
where you can find someone
young and supple and smiling
to wake up with tomorrow

until then
have a good morning
and a wonderful day!


13 responses to “poem 4/26/10 – The Department of Good Morning

  1. Chop this gem into 140-character stanzas & tweet, tweet, tweet away!

  2. Fun poem. I like the darker twist at the end. You mimic “panacea happy” perfectly.

  3. Very funny! Post in on FB, or better yet, send it to one of those peppy morning shows.

  4. Thank goodness there is a sane person still residing on earth apart from myself of course.
    Alduous Huxley hinted at all of this. We must escape. Start building Nova’s Ark. Book me a cabin near the pool and the bar:)

    • Book you a cabin near the pool and the bar?

      I’m afraid you’ve seen one too many Carnival Cruise Line commercials, or watched one too many The Real World “spontaneous” trips the kids make to the best nearby day resort… But I will see you get comped tix to the Vegas style show – on roller skates! “NovaArk Express” 😉

  5. Could you send me the details for the gold member pay site?!

    • uh, the Dept. of Good Morning gold member site is down right now for routine maintenance. just send me your bank transit number and your account number, and those 3 numbers on the back of your bank card, and I’ll take care of it for ya…

  6. Great little commentary going here…and don’t forget to send Derrick the link for that pay site!

  7. I utterly, wholeheartedly love this and wish I wrote it. Such a great poem

  8. Hehehehe! Wonderful!

  9. this rattled out very nicely….thanks for sharing

  10. An apt depiction of our (anti)social media way of life. Have a nice day!

  11. Is Justin Bieber the one shaving his head?

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