poem 4/30/10 – Breathe

NaPoWriMo 2010’s last day! ReadWritePoem Challenge #30 – Free day (and farewell).

This has been great!  Propitious just stumbling on it early in the month.  I do post a blog entry every day – a project and personal challenge in 2010.

I’m looking for other writing challenges – some have committed themselves to continuing this kind of effort, perhaps not so Herculean. I’ll be reading and in touch. In the meantime don’t forget to…



Now you are thinking
looking at the title
but take that breath
then the next
it waits patiently
for its simple turn

It has waited
one in a billion
two billion?

All patient
all here
in their single file
each one stepping up

finally its moment

A few breaths
while you
were in an ICU
a plastic tube
up and down your gullet
but it let you know
there would be more

A few breaths
while you
surfaced in a pool
chlorine stinging up your nose
until you could turn your head
open wide
draw them in
push them out
the sun in your eyes

And a few while you
chased after your baby
her own breaths squealing
giggling barreling fearless
you scooped her up
the little silly!
and kissed
kissed kissed kissed her
your breaths packed against
her happy cheek
for dear life


10 responses to “poem 4/30/10 – Breathe

  1. Very important, breathing. I hope it continues for all of us as happily as it has this last month.
    Thank you for all the poems and thoughts you have shared with us.

  2. Beautiful, Lawrence! Your poem (I absolutely love the last stanza) is a wonderful & hope-filled ending to what has been an exhilarating yet exhausting month.

    I’ll be visiting your blog in the future… your daily posts will remain on this site, right?

    • Thank you. Yes, I plan to fill it with 365 posts by next New Year’s. Not sure what they will all be, just yet – but after all, I just stumbled upon NaPoWriMo when I was ready for it, I guess. Constantly surprising myself despite myself.

  3. love the sacred qualities and passion for life within you words.

    Thank you!

  4. I must agree this is a beautiful poem and I too loved the last stanza…well done Larence.

  5. A very tender ,sweet poem to farewell the site.

  6. viciousorvirtuous

    Great poem!

  7. learning to swim and breathe and kiss all is in perfect order… it has been a wonderful adventure take care…. equal ends

  8. good one again Lawrence….see you on the other side somewhere

  9. Something we take for granted but certainly are glad it’s/they’re there! So many ways to think about breath – once you think about it! Nice end to the month.

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