poem 5/1/10 – Anthora cup

I’m still in a poetry mode I guess, even with ReadWritePoem and NaPoWriMo rolling up their awnings.

Looks like there’ll be new weekly “prompts” to encourage and commune, at a few places – We Write Poems, Big Tent Poetry.  And Writer’s Island starts today, even!   But for today, I’ve already come up with a poem, might get to Writer’s Island “Message in a Bottle” prompt tomorrow.

Leslie Buck, the designer of New York City’s ubiquitous Anthora paper coffee cup, passed away this week as noted in the New York Times.

The image here I grabbed from a Google image search for “anthora cup”, the 2nd image that comes up, happens to be from the wesbite of a design store around the block from me!   Krudmart – damn, what a big small world!

anthora cup

arriving early for Flushing Meadows
to meet at the Unisphere
8:00 in the morning
on a wide & grimy NYC street
bleary and sticky from our 7 hr drive
we parked by a Queens diner
Greek – in a lighted cabinet
desserts rotated
jelly omlettes?
and coffee to go
in an anthora cup
stepping back out
into the sun & haze
I felt so legit


3 responses to “poem 5/1/10 – Anthora cup

  1. That’s fun. But for this European I have no idea what an anthora cup is! My OH (a Scot) makes the same joke whenever he’s asked if he wants a drink: “Amphora pint please” (Amphora = I’m for a)

  2. Having just left NYC…well Queens just a few days ago…this is funny…thanks for this!

  3. I get ‘amphora’ from Asterix and that looks like Greek images on the cup, but I don’t get the references in the poem, sadly.

    Is Flushing Meadows a baseball ground?

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