poem 5/2/10 – greetings from the future! (message in a bottle)

Writer’s Island and at least a couple others are continuing the poetry “prompts”;  Big Tent Poetry starting tomorrow.

And We Write Poems has looked at my own prompt suggestion and says it will post it June 24!

Using Writer’s Island prompt from yesterday today – “The first official new prompt is: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE… pretend you found a bottle washed up on the beach here at Writer’s Island. tell us in your words (poem, prose, flash fiction) about this message.”

Here’s what the note
In the bottle said –

Greetings from the future!
we now have technologies that
have floated this bottle upriver

Time that bends spoons
spoons that bend time
your car can now run on aspersions
opera will be the new black
and fly fishing is porn
waffles without ridges can
still hold their syrup
TV shows will actually
smell good! and circus clowns
sans makeup gladly double as lovers
that just won’t quit

It’s a wonderful world
we have waiting for you
but if you’ve uncorked
this bottle – warning
it has already self destructed


12 responses to “poem 5/2/10 – greetings from the future! (message in a bottle)

  1. I love the anarchic quality of this poem. The last line may have destructed (!) the logic of the rest,
    but that doesn’t stop me enjoying it!

  2. This is a great interpretation of the prompt.


  3. Ah, the future is left secure. nicely done.

  4. Excellent, Larry. I smiled a lot while reading this, and the last line was great!

  5. Sorry–a waffle without ridges is either an impossibility or a pancake

    Love the spoons and aspersions.

  6. This is good and I love the second stanza. Nicely done.

  7. Nicely written, enjoyed it 🙂
    marinela x

  8. There must be billions of those bottles… somewhere. Each with a different message.

  9. Fortune cookies with a twist! Maybe we’re better off leaving it in the bottle?

  10. In my mind I’m playing with the ambiguous fantasy of cars that run on aspersions. Do we call round the priest to bless it to get it to go? Or do all those things we mutter and shout about other drivers fuel the darned thing? lol. AND i love those Daliesque, Gelleresque spoons!

    Enjoyable poem!

  11. good one lawrence…..and poets are never late….

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