poem 5/3/10 – paperweight/manna

Yes, sometimes when your blog is about posting something every day, you get place-holders, paperweights keeping the writer’s mind from fluttering away. At the moment, spending hours on getting out a newsletter.

Tomorrow I plan to post a decent – hopefully – poem on Big Tent Poetry‘s prompt for today.



these little words
I hope
will be enough
for you –
manna from my tiny heaven
anchoring down your world
settling and safe
sating your wordish hunger
until my better poems
my brighter words
they will be simple like fractals
– believe me, they will be
flutter down
frosting your desert
curing what ails you


3 responses to “poem 5/3/10 – paperweight/manna

  1. Ah..we all have paper weights for those moments when our muse fails to showup for morning coffee….always enjoy you poems.

  2. Wrapped up really nicely, I love the way you write, Lawrence 🙂
    Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my website on the poem ‘magical shoes’. You said something about using my poem in a book or a poster. If you do want to use my poem: feel
    free. As long as you put my name on it!

    Marinela x x

  3. These can certainly sustain!

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