poem 5/5/10 – Mr. Dadanu Makes An Offer

Have I really posted 124 posts in the 124 days so far this year? Looks like it. This is number 125.

Okay, a bit of a cheat – a “found poem” as they are called. Found in my email this morning.


Mr. Dadanu Makes An Offer

With Due
Respect Dear Friend,
Pls i want you to read this letter
very carefully
and i must apologize
for barging this message
into your mail box
without any formal introduction due
to the urgency
and confidential
of this issue
and i know that this message
will come to you
as a surprise,
Pls this is not a joke and i will not like
you to joke with it.

I am Mr. Ernest Dadanu,
a Manager in Baank of Africa (BOA)
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
I Hoped that you will not expose or
betray this trust
and confident
that i am about to establish
with you for the mutual benefit
of me and you.

I need your urgent assistance
in transferring
the sum of ($15) millions usd
into your account
within 7 working banking days.
This money has been dormant
for years in our Bank
without claim due to the owner
of this fund died
along with his entire family
and supposed next of kin
in an air crash since July 31st, 2000.

I want our bank to release this
funds to you as the nearest person
to our deceased customer while
i come over to your country
to share this fund with you
as soon as you
confirm this fund
into your account
and ask me to come over.

I don’t want the money
to go into our Bank treasure as
an abandoned fund.
So this is the reason
why i contacted you so that our bank
will release this money to you
as the next of kin
to the deceased
customer. Please
I would like you to keep
this proposal
as a top secret
and delete it
if you are
not interesting.

Upon the receipt
of your reply
and indication
of your capability, i will
give you full details
on how the business
will be executed
and also note that
you will have 45%
of the above mentioned sum
if you agree
to handle this business
with me
while 50% will be for me
and 5% for any
expenses that may arise
on the process,
Because i don’t want
anyone here in our bank
to know
my involvement
until you confirm
this fund into
your account and ask me to come
over for the sharing
as i indicated.

Am looking forward
hearing from you
Thanks with my

best regards
From Mr. Ernest Dadanu


3 responses to “poem 5/5/10 – Mr. Dadanu Makes An Offer

  1. May I assume that you pending wealth has a few strings or two tied to it….or is this just another case of too good to be true. 😉 Oh…how creative some folks can become.

  2. Sounds like some sort of thing I had from Tobago recently!How on earth do these people find us?!

  3. what a nice man for giving half of 15 million dollars to me. What a kind gesture.

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