5/18/10 – inspiration fled (6.8.6 haiku)

If I hadn’t committed myself at the very beginning of the year to post a blogpost every day, I would not write for a couple weeks, go incommunicado, and when I started writing again I’d tell those of you who I was connecting so furiously with during the ReadWritePoem April poetry marathon, that I had been away on vacation.

As it is, I cannot hide, here, lol.   I originally started working on a 6.8.6 haiku describing, once again, being uninspired to write, because that is how I feel.  But it is probably just the natural need for some recovery downtime.  The image was the classic one of pen, and paper, something moving through them and moving them, as it feels sometimes – then I realized what I was actually doing


my fingers hover here –
come the djinn straddle them bouncing
coaxing blush from pixels


4 responses to “5/18/10 – inspiration fled (6.8.6 haiku)

  1. Well Lawrence had you suggested that you were on vacation…I might have noted all the poets who posted their poems from their smart phones (although I don’t know what that means) or event wrote and scheduled them to be released at the appointed hour during their vacation…but since you did not decided to go that route…I have little to say…other than I enjoyed your post. 😉

  2. Hi Lawrence. I’ll have to show my ignorance here and tell you that I don’t know what a ‘djinn staddle’ is. I googled it but only you came up! Can you explain, please?

    I love your last line.


  3. hm, yes, what is djinn staddle…regardless, I love the image here.

    • It is “djinn straddle” – was corrected.

      “come the djinn straddle them bouncing”, calling on djinn – an arab name for genies – to ride my fingers, making them type.

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