5/28/10 – swimming, 686 haiku

My next swimming goal is to swim the length of the gym pool – standard 1/2 Olympic length – without taking a breath. And I have 3/4 the lung capacity of a normal man my height and weight – which one would assume would not be good to begin with – which is to be expected for someone with my health history.

Today, though, I challenged myself using the paddles to do it – the farthest I had even gone without a breath was 20 feet short of the end. So after one attempt after doing a halfmile, I tried again – and just pushed myself. maybe 10 seconds? I have no idea. It felt like eternity, and like nothing at all time just slipping way, at the same time.  Next step is to swim the length breathless without paddles or gloves.  I know the haiku is lame, but feeling tired today.

I call an audible
presume to challenge press it now
surprise myself and win


One response to “5/28/10 – swimming, 686 haiku

  1. Heads off to you… Wish you good luck

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