5/29/10 – poem, writers island prompt #5

Writers’ Island is one of the sites continuing prompts, weekly.  “Blind Side… Perhaps someone, or something, or someplace just caught you completely by surprise. Or something happened that you never saw coming… Or unexpected manifest compassion. Or….Tell us in your words (poem, prose, flash fiction) the why, who, what, where, when, or how regarding the unexpected — whatever moves you to write.

Been almost a month since I’ve worked off posted prompts.  Here is a memory that’s getting  me choked up again, so I’ll leave it be now, a bit rough.  And I realize I straddle the line between clarity and maudlin, and sometimes I fumble.

Laying there so sore
after my surgery
heart still beating
I was scared
would the heart stop itself now
would I get up and go to work again
would there be time to find love

You were a nurse
saw those things on my face
so you sat yourself on my bed
held my hand
in yours for a few minutes
if I wanted to say anything
to listen for a moment
like a friend like a lover

Not much to say when finally asked
so I asked you and you told me
you had three daughters
you worked nights so
you could see them off to school
greet them when they came home
your mother helped

I asked about your black tattoo
hiding under your scrubs
your husband’s face tattooed
fine smiling mustachioed
Shane – beneath in script
he had one of you
your faces there loving always
together forever
you said yeah it was corny but
sounding calm
you seemed okay
but then again I was still fuzzy –

He died last month
had had asthma bad
but this one this attack
never let up its grip
the final one
and that was what it was

And I wanted to feel ashamed
you comforting me
and I did
but you were okay
and I was okay
in our warm palms
in our entwined fingers
for strangers there was time


10 responses to “5/29/10 – poem, writers island prompt #5

  1. That’s what makes a good nurse. I’ve experienced everything you’ve shown in this poem – 13 years ago, and I’m still here. I too have written about it rather a lot. Perhaps it’s time to move on.

  2. A beautiful warm moment in a cold time for both of you Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh what a pretty poem. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Great tribute to the helping hand.

  5. What a seemingly simple, but huge interaction, that I’m sure comforted you both on some level…beautifully told to us. Thank you for sharing it.

    Some things that happen to us in this life are worthy of repeat inspections. The looking at from each and every angle is often necessary and cathartic. I think you should write about your “thing” until your pen runs dry.

    – Dina

  6. Those transient moments can be so powerful. Excellently done.

  7. well done…and yes a powerful moment

  8. Hi Lawrence — I don’t think we’ve met, yet, but I’m glad we have…you poem is lovely. A moment in time when you recognize not only mortality, but the strength and constant of the human spirit. A big thought on a single page. Thanks.

  9. Hi Larry–Great job showing how a simple interaction some would take for granted or might totally miss can be incredibly meaningful when two people connect, even strangers and even for a brief moment. Personally, I think you were both there for each other for a reason.

  10. I know that feeling and that place where someone just sitting, holding your hand and talking is what anchors you and pushes the fear back for a bit. Blessings.

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