6/5/10 – poem

This mental image probably came from awareness of tomorrow’s D-Day anniversary and the beaches getting ruined on the Gulf – In the lightheartedness of this I mean no offense. I did write a poem honoring D-Day, boot steps.


save the poets
storm the beaches
gather words like sand like
sand like they are words like sand


3 responses to “6/5/10 – poem

  1. A quite clever twist on the words to make the poem….really did like it!

  2. I don’t exactly follow the syllabus rules when I write Haiku, thus don’t check for details on others either…
    anything beautiful and sense making could be accepted and enjoyed, or at least encouraged.
    Have fun!
    Thank you for visiting my place today!

  3. Love the repetition in this one. Indeed, save the poets and gather them

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