6/8/10 – a 686 haiku

Got a bit blindsided today – as much or mostly by my reaction. Cf. C.S. Lewis. Decided after writing a few, that I would go with the positive.

new stars keep being born
shine wondrous through a jaded man
told too old for these things


11 responses to “6/8/10 – a 686 haiku

  1. In the ‘once upon’ land that we were raised on..
    ‘age and wisedom’ were valued…but now were in the ‘what have you done lately’ for me world..tho sad…but true…found your post thought provoking.

  2. C.S.Lewis, now he could throw a good tangent. Hope you are keeping well good Sir. Lovely ditty herexx

  3. never too old…

  4. You are never to old to write poetry. Even the oldest suns explode into new stars. You are bringing something new in the galaxy of wordsmiths. Kudos!

  5. Amazing picture and words, thanks for sharing!

  6. never too old unless your dead, than you might be too old. lol :] great poem!

  7. What is the age that one would be too old? This writing explodes with youthfulness born in wisdom!

  8. This is really inspiring haiku’s. I have not read a good haiku in years. Thank you!

  9. so yr talking about a bucket list or something??… mmm….sometimes it’s nice just to consider being reborn at the new dawn, every morning…

  10. Thank you all for you encouraging words! It was that I was shocked – and flustered and somewhat embarrassed – by my feelings toward someone, a much younger woman peripherally in my life. I realized my emotions have probably made assumptions, but then again that’s what humans do…

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