6/10/10 – hearts

Kevin at work, who is set to retire at the end of this month, had what he and his wife thought was a heart attack last night.   The hospital determined it wasn’t a heart attack, but definitely an episode.

He was given  an angiogram – I assume – and they found some blockages at 90%.   So like me, whatever happened (they weren’t sure I had had a full blown heart attack either, even as after my surgery they found a section of my heart wall dead) was actually his protection.   It got him in the hospital and got him the angiogram.

So he will be having a quadruple bypass – like me – after a few days in the hospital – like me – on Tuesday.

He and his wife have asked that people he works with – and he has had a full career of contribution to the Western New York social service community – not contact him before the surgery.  But people who know, gave me his information, and I’m going to give him a call this weekend.

I ‘ll ask, and if it turns out it happened while he was watching The Sound of Music – like me (damn you, Nazis!) – that would just be too much.


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