6/20/10 – what the milkman saw

Spending this evening working on part of a newsletter for an advocacy group – two weeks ago when the deadline was announced in two weeks two weeks seemed so far away!

Earlier, in an attempt to impress a lady online (at least I’m pretty sure she’s a lady), I dug into the tunes I was creating at the start of the 00’s, to send her a link.  Afterwards, I listened to a few more – an odd feeling, a bit like the painful spiral down toward the ending of Flowers for Algernon (made into the 70’s TV movie Charley) where he can no longer comprehend what he himself wrote earlier.  There are moments, and choices I made with the music, that I can’t now understand what and why I was thinking.

On a lark I picked up a simple, inexpensive music creation program, the basic version of Acid, and acquired (legitimate royalty-free) samples through the magazines that cater to the “laptronica” community, and a bit later a copy of T-Racks comping – final touch filtering production – studio.  Turned out I had a knack for creating songs – cutting & pasting samples, stretching them and cutting them and quantizing – pitch shifting – them to do pretty much what I wanted.

Here (the link below) is most likely my strangest tune – someone told me he thought it was in 7/8 time.  I was up very late a couple nights working on it, as I remember, until the milkman would have seen me in the window exhausted but wide eyed with that bottomless humming focused energy that getting lost in the act of creation can give you.

This link will open the Sony AcidPlanet website’s audio player – for some people it might open their computer’s default audio player.  The player  sounds tinny, especially the percussion.

At that time, I was posting under the artist name Scajaquada [skuh-JACK-whuh-duh] – the name of a creek and an expressway that now runs along it in my neighborhood.

What the Milkman Saw



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