6/29/10 – poem, cherry tree

The neighbor’s cherry tree from behind their stockade fence reaches out over our front walk. My neighborhood is filled with thousands of refugees from around the world.


columbian kids
or burmese boys
somali girls in purple niqabs
will wander onto the lawn
jump stretch groan
grabbing for cherries
all of us from everywhere
want them


7 responses to “6/29/10 – poem, cherry tree

  1. So well said…loved it:)

  2. such a simple truth… and yet, we are usually oblivious or ignorant of these…
    Thank you for reminding… a very pleasant poem…

  3. me too!
    reminds me of watching laotian kids scaling the ornamental crab apples bordering a neighborhood street. Large fruit no one else even noticed.

    • Honestly, I didn’t realize they were edible cherries until two years ago when some Burmese boys were pulling branches and plucking them – I had never seen anyone else pick them before.

  4. that makes for a wonderful scene lawrence… the beauty of a flowering cherry tree is something to behold… and then comes the tasty treats.. i don’t know who likes them more the birds or us….

  5. Those last three lines are a perfect haiku. 🙂

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