6/30/10 – poem, “Music in Twelve Parts”

[Philip Glass, “Japura River” – YouTube link]
“Music is Twelve Parts”
evening biking

Glass in my ears
my shadow long long long
gray shadow thinning gray path thinly
laid down flickering between other flick shadows flicker flick
tree fence tree fence bush fence tree fence tree fence me

maybe 1982
still in college I’d
think I were
being koyaanisqatsied
The Poet Bicycles
oh so deep so deep deep and true
you must see it you must
listen watch
listen watch
me repeat :


One response to “6/30/10 – poem, “Music in Twelve Parts”

  1. Gosh!! This was fascinating!! Have never read anything like this before… What imagery!!! Perfect repetitions, perfect reflections… absolute PERFECTION!!! I loved it!!! (smiles… many many many)

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