7/1/10 – poem, trumpet man

Hard to describe how the bikepath pulls away from the industrial thoroughfare and drops down under the bridge to Canada, then right-angles into a  bridge over train tracks, then angles, down more, angles again into a tunnel under the expressway, to then run for a while between the expressway and the river…

Underneath the high bridge
above the underpass dropped below
leaning on the stories-high white wall
jambed against the bikepath
pressed between the growling traffic
trucks and cars above
cars and trucks below
he played a trumpet
just played his trumpet
& it was more than enough


2 responses to “7/1/10 – poem, trumpet man

  1. The solitary trumpet man! Wow… a lovely idea transformed into a neat poem! Very tender and nice…

    Have a great weekend!

  2. That poem rings a bell. Nice imagery!

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