7/3/10 – poem, flashdrive

Finally began writing down a children’s story I’ve had in my head, apparently more vaguely than I had thought, for years. Amazed at how instantly writing for children is hard – you can’t just write it; immediate decisions have to be made: toward what age? Asking questions (along the lines of “now, do you really think he should have…?”) or not? worrying if the simplified language would be boring to the adult reading it, etc.)

In the meantime –

To say
and have it mean
all things
every thing

To execute its little program
core dump
the universe
into a thimbleful
of flashdrive
+a wistful
of letters



6 responses to “7/3/10 – poem, flashdrive

  1. Oh this one is just brilliant…not only for writing short stories but everything you try to commit to paper…well said!

  2. That is a well-written poem. Will a flashdrive back up our every word?

  3. What an analogy!!!
    “To execute its little program
    core dump
    the universe
    into a thimbleful
    of flashdrive… ”
    Loved this!

    Best luck with the children’s story!!! Have a great weekend…

  4. Why not just write the story and worry about the details in the re-write?


    • Well, that’s kind of a “duh…” isn’t it? Problem is, I want the words to just pop out, write like David Byrne & Talking Heads want too speak: “I want to talk like I read / Before I decide what to do”. But yes you are right, the experience of writing is nothing like the experience of reading – I just can’t get that through my thick head.

  5. a world in a grain of sand, as it were… beautifully expressed, the responsibility and burden of a writer…

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