7/5/10 – a simple beginning of a tale for Scheherazade…

Spun this out to answer Kavita’s charming insistence, lol…
(But, honestly, inspired by another muse as well…)


The beginnings of a tale for Scheherazade

Once upon a time there was a girl
brought up in the deepest barrio, the most hopeless slum
her parents had nothing to give her, really, but their love
as they gave all their other children
but they held onto a secret
that not even her brothers and sisters knew

this daughter was, in fact, not theirs by birth
she was smuggled, a baby, into their home
in the dead of night
by the Sultan’s men
who put their fingers to their lips for silence and acceptance
even as the couple – already with so many children packed into their small home
protested, were so utterly confused
but the Sultan’s strong men rattled their scimitars in their belt sashes
while the scars on their faces and
the tight balling muscles on their arms
flashed in the meager light of the fireplace
for the poor couple to accept, obey, acquiesce

But as the young girl grew older
on the cusp of becoming a young woman
like the white sliver of beauty that is the crescent moon
even in her tattered hand-me-down clothes
even with her hair cut the crudest way with her family’s only kitchen knife
even without make-up, or jewels
but blackened shoeless feet
even as she stumbling home, yoked, after filling the two buckets at the neighborhood well
boys and men, gawked at her, poor and rich, ugly ones and handsome wealthy prideful ones with flashing teeth, called after her like crows
and other girls – both girls poor as she, and girls wealthy enough to wear blue silks clasped with silver pins, their eyes kohled – envied her and turned away from her, drawing their burkas and veils tighter and higher on their faces

She grew to hate them, everyone, she hid at home after she drew the water, from the cruelty of the people of the world, because – so she thought – she was such a poor girl, destitute but for her family, made so only by the cruel hand of fate…


2 responses to “7/5/10 – a simple beginning of a tale for Scheherazade…

  1. What a fine beginning to this tale…can wait for the rest…well crafted bit of writing.

  2. Gee Lawrence…thanks for that sweet mention of yours truly in this post! That was very generous of you… 🙂
    Now to the story… I think we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect start than this! Very nicely spun …and so aptly progressing too…
    Yes, you have set the pace right! Am waiting for more… I feel like a child already…
    Thank you for the lovely idea… and have a super duper week ahead!

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