7/6/10 – our tale for Scheherazade unfolds

Our tale unfolds…


A thousand leagues away from our poor bereft girl…

If you were to set off on the journey
your feet would trod over grains of sand enough to fill the Creator’s Hourglass
over caravan routes so old and honored they are grooved and hardened into the desert rock
you would stop at oases bursting with date trees and scattered with mangoes so ripe your knife’s first cut would gush forth a sweet fountain
then you would travel on again into days alone with the sun and the sands and the half buried skulls of camels who expired in service
until you saw the city –

All gates and gleaming white domes and minarets
even as it only limned the horizon you could smell the spices and sizzling lamb and grilled peppers
hear the calls of merchants and hawkers and the painted inamoratas jamble against the mellifluous muezzins’ calls of adhan
and thought it was another heat haze mirage –
but this is the city

A thousand leagues afar from our poor beauty as she sits on the low edge of the well letting the stones cool her before her yoked walk home…

Here a boy
on the cusp of manhood like a sharp eyed buck
yet to shed the velvet of his antler nubs
sits on a higher wall surrounding the city’s omphalic Palace
he gazes out over the living breathing thumping clamor of the city
wanting to look into the souls of the men who all avert their eyes,
he is thinking it is only right to understand the hearts of men
he is heaven-bound to rule, and at times called to cast judgment upon
but whom He is forbidden to know
so he sits bereft on the palace wall brooding at such a twisted fate

He is the Prince
And the men not daring to meet His gaze as they pass under Him
would after they arrived home that evening murmur to their wives and children
The Prince, He looked at me…He did! He was sitting on the high white palace wall, so, so high! just dangling His legs like any other boy, but I felt the blessing knowing heat of His noble and already fearsome gaze…!

But, as you can guess in such a tale as this, despite all he was told all he believed and all he knew, the boy was not really a prince…


4 responses to “7/6/10 – our tale for Scheherazade unfolds

  1. Nice. Now I want to listen to “One Thousand and One Nights” by See-Saw!

  2. “your knife’s first cut would gush forth a sweet fountain” I almost tasted a nice sweet ripe mango with this line!!!
    The story is building up…
    If he is not the prince, who is he?! Okay okay.. I will wait for more… Just don’t make it a long wait! 🙂
    I am already enthralled…

  3. it sounds cool to listen!

  4. http://thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/the-celebrate-poet-of-june-award-nomination-announcement/

    time to vote again,
    please scan the links and vote for 1 to 20 poets, thank you in advance!

    next Rally post will be on July 21, 2010.

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