7/7/10 – poem, from “Wichita Lineman”

Got Glen Campbell doing Jimmy Webb’s “Wichita Lineman” going through my head again – I think I understand it, at least I feel it…
[on YouTube – with a nice linemen tribute video]

what jimmy webb felt
but here I am the lineman
alone abrupting the simple
landscape the road the poles
the lines strung slipping themselves
and ever toward somewhere else along
even beyond those distant dusky mountains
the road the poles the lines
they long to pull me there
away from you maybe
away from me for sure
the road the
poles the lines
always pulling
me away


5 responses to “7/7/10 – poem, from “Wichita Lineman”

  1. As I read this I thought about Paul Simon’s “Train in the Distance”…. a similar draw but for different reasons…I totally enjoyed this poem.

  2. Excellent poem.
    I like th free flow aspect it has to it.
    I cant help but wonder if this challenge would appeal to you.
    I’ll understand if it isn’t

  3. What an idea!
    “the road the
    poles the lines
    always pulling”
    Yes, there is that ‘something’ pulling you towards or away from something/someone… And each time, your will and mind give in to this pull, but to a slightly different extent 🙂
    A neat poem… with some light, yet deep undercurrents.. Very nice!

  4. Thanks very much, now I can’t get it out of my head either!

    I like how the layout complements the words; and I particularly like ‘abrupting the simple’. What a great phrase.


  5. soulintention: signed .............bkm

    I really like this piece, I understand that being pulled somewhere….and love that song…bkm


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