7/10/10 – poem, heart

I am kind of OCD-ish in my penchant toward all-or-nothing-ness. On any given day, either I feel like writing a lot of writing, or I feel nothing. No inbetween. A lot of days I wish I have never conceived, and more importantly broadcast, this post every day in 2010 challenge for myself. Today is of the latter – so something I wrote a few day ago that I didn’t think was enough that day, and wrote another –

sometimes I wish my heart
were heartless
cruel like a man’s
who does things
just does things
all he wants
and laughs off everyone
pounds his mightied fist on the table
and grabs and takes
and smiles or scowls or not

instead of this quavering thing of petals
this wanting
this saddening
curled up weakfisted in my chest


2 responses to “7/10/10 – poem, heart

  1. Those who care for others often have a hard time with tha fist pounding thing and greed…thanks for the poem.

  2. I believe that if you could, you would… and if you haven’t indulged thus far, well.. that pretty much speaks for itself 🙂
    Weakfisted, you say? I say ‘gentle’ and polite’
    Curled, you say? I saya reaching out to your inner self
    🙂 Good stuff this! That double-edged sword does show itself once in while indeed..
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

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